The source of our actions is the humanitarian principle, our actions take place under the following principles:


To alleviate or prevent human suffering, respect for human dignity. The creation of security for those who have none or too little.


Our actions are aimed at those who need it, our help must not exclude people, it should be distributed according to the degree of their need. Regardless of whether they belong to a group or which group of people they belong to.


We do not take sides within conflicts, our efforts are for people regardless of what they feel they belong to or are assigned to by others. In order to make our work successful, we do not take any political position outside our principles within our activities. We accept people as they are, no one is advantaged or disadvantaged because of their world view, their sexual identity or orientation, their social or local origin, their mental or physical abilities.


Our aid is guided by our principles, donations and efforts are determined by them. There must be no outside influence on the direction of our aid.


Motivation for our actions is the humanitarian thought without profit motive. Our gain is the knowledge of doing the right thing and gaining new skills, experience and friends in the process.


Our help should serve civilian goals.


We strive to ensure that people who are marginalized and neglected receive preferential assistance whenever possible.


We cooperate with other people and organizations that provide help in the spirit of our principles. We do not compete with other organizations.


Our help should be as targeted as possible. We avoid accepting donations that are not needed.


It is our goal to make our actions transparent. The arrival of our aid at its destination should be verified, documented and published to the best of our ability.

Flat hierarchy

We work as horizontally as possible, there should be no avoidable hierarchies of any kind.